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Consultation Services

Organizational Consultation

For startups, businesses, or researchers I am available to share content expertise, give talks and webinars, or hold educational and training workshops in the following topic areas:

  • Exercise and yoga research

  • Yoga's mental health benefits

  • The science of human behavior change

  • Adult anxiety issues

  • Anxiety and sleep disorders

  • Addiction psychology

  • Trauma and co-occurring substance use


Clinical Case Consultation

For clinicians, I provide clinical case consultation in my areas of expertise that include:

Diagnosing and treating anxiety disorders

  • Developing and implementing exposure therapies

  • Constructing fear hierarchies

  • Establishing differential diagnosis

  • Managing co-occurring anxiety presentations

  • Integrating ACT into exposure therapy

Health behavior and exercise interventions

  • Prescribing & integrating exercise and yoga in therapy

  • Optimizing behavior change when the client's goal is to move towards a pro-health behavior (such as exercise, diet, self care); or, to move away from a health risk behavior (e.g., drinking, tobacco smoking

Addiction Psychology

  • Cases of secondary substance use

  • Level of care related to substance use

  • Delivering behavioral interventions for addictions and dual-diagnosis

Academic consultation

For grad students, grad school applicants, psychology trainees, and researchers, I can provide academic advising and consultation with regard to clinical research methods and statistics; writing of personal statements, dissertation proposals and defense manuscripts; and navigating complex institutional systems, marginalized experiences, and departmental politics effectively. Some of the areas with which I have assisted clients include:

  • Helping a client form a testable research question; choosing an appropriate experimental design and methodological approach to test their hypothesis.

  • Improving client scientific literacy and critique skills of scientific literature

  • Statistical analysis, especially analyzing behavioral treatment efficacy and mediation analysis. My specialty is in longitudinal data, particularly multilevel modeling approaches in clinical intervention trials/randomized controlled trials.

  • Support in navigating unique stressors of the grad student experience. For example:​ Managing difficult academic advisory relationships, toxic departmental politics, and institutional stressors (including marginalization and/or betrayal experiences)

  • Preparing for and practicing research presentations
  • ​Coaching, advising, and editing personal statements of graduate school applicants
  • ​Coaching, advising, and editing academic writing (NIH grant proposals and biosketches, student thesis or dissertation)

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